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Yolo County Conservancy Habitat Conservancy Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan (June 2018)


In her role as Executive Director of the Yolo Habit Conservancy (a Joint Powers Agency consisting of Yolo County and the Cities of Davis, Woodland, Winters, and West Sacramento), Petrea Marchand helped complete the Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan ("Yolo HCP/NCCP"). The Yolo HCP/NCCP provides both long-term permits under the federal Endangered Species Act (FESA) and California Natural Community Conservation Planning Act (NCCPA) that cover an array of public and private economic activities in Yolo County and a 50-year conservation strategy to protect 12 endangered and threatened species and the natural communities on which they depend. Ms. Marchand and Consero Solutions staff led the Yolo Habitat Conservancy's efforts to complete the Yolo HCP/NCCP, which was completed in June 2018. To learn more about the Yolo HCP/NCCP, please visit

Yolo County Agricultural Economic Development Fund (October 2014)

The Yolo Agricultural Economic Development Fund ("Yolo Ag Fund") is a forward-looking effort to support the continued work of local growers to produce high-quality agricultural products and bring those products to the local, regional and national public. In partnership with Yolo County, Consero Solutions developed the Yolo Ag Fund from existing plans approved by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and in coordination with the Yolo County Ag Commissioner, the Yolo/Solano Farmbudsman, the Yolo County Farm Bureau, and other stakeholders working in local communities to promote agricultural sustainability. The Yolo Ag Fund is a central component of Yolo County’s efforts to support agricultural sustainability in the face of potential changes to the existing landscape of the county. 

Yolo Bypass Data Sharing Proposal (March 2020)

Yolo County partnered with the San Francisco Estuary Institute to develop a proposal to consolidate and share data related to the Yolo Bypass. Funded by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife as part of the Yolo Bypass Westside Tributaries Flow Monitoring Project, the proposal outlines recommendations for a centralized data portal, provides cost estimates, and includes an initial list of potential Yolo Bypass data sources. The proposal will serve as the foundation for a future grant application to develop the portal.

Agricultural and Economic Impacts of Yolo Bypass Fish Habitat Proposals (April 2013)

On behalf of Yolo County, Consero Solutions worked with UC Davis researchers and the Yolo Basin Foundation to analyze the agricultural impacts of state and federal proposals to increase the frequency and duration of inundation in the Yolo Bypass to benefit juvenile salmon and other fish species.

Yolo Bypass Drainage and Water Infrastructure Improvement Study (April 2014)

On behalf of Yolo County, Consero Solutions worked with cbec eco engineering, Douglas Environmental, and the Yolo Basin Foundation to complete the Yolo Bypass Drainage and Water Infrastructure Improvement Study. Consero and its partners worked with Yolo Bypass landowners, farmers, and wetlands managers to identify and prioritize Yolo Bypass drainage and water infrastructure improvements that benefit agricultural and wetlands operations. Yolo County is currently pursuing grant funding to implement the priorities in the study. 

Yolo Bypass MIKE-21 Model Review: Strengths, Limitations and Recommendations for Refinement (September 2012)

On behalf of Yolo County, Consero Solutions worked with Northwest Hydraulics Consultants (NHC) to complete a review of the MIKE-21 model, used in the past to estimate the inundation footprint associated with proposals to increase the duration and frequency of Yolo Bypass inundation. This review applies to other models as well.

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