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A Solutions-Oriented Consulting Team

At Consero Solutions, we empower local organizations to enrich communities and protect the environment through the professional application of a comprehensive suite of services to desired client outcomes. We gauge success based on the accomplishment of specific priorities, such as construction of a project, completion of a plan to guide future work, or securing funds for project implementation. 

With a Social Mission

Trained in policy analysis, government administration, and community development, we focus exclusively on assisting local government agencies and non-profit organizations. We strive to not only deliver exceptional services but to empower our clients to improve internal processes for service delivery; we succeed when our work results in measurable, positive changes in the communities our clients serve.

"Consero" is a Latin word meaning to unite or bring together. Consero Solutions connects people and ideas, constructs partnerships to implement thoughtful plans, creates teams to develop products of the highest quality, and empowers local organizations to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

From county and city governments to non-profit organizations, we strive to help those working to enrich our communities and protect the environment. We assist our clients in  diverse policy areas, including parks and recreation, education, health and human services, habitat conservation, and natural resources management.

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Madison Community Services District

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