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Consero Solutions
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The mission of Consero Solutions is to help deliver public policy priorities that benefit local communities and the environment. We are passionate about the potential to develop local solutions for tough problems and to advocate for those solutions as necessary at the local and state level.

Petrea Marchand

Founder and President

Tara Morin

Chief of Staff

Petrea Marchand founded Consero Solutions in Davis, California after more than a decade working at all three levels of government. Her public policy specialty areas include natural resources, agriculture, transportation, regulatory reform, water supply and quality, and flood management.


Prior to starting Consero Solutions, Petrea served as the Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs for Yolo County, responsible for furthering the county's state and federal legislative and fiscal priorities. She also served as the county's first Water Resources Coordinator. During her tenure with Yolo County, she helped secure millions of dollars from the state and federal government for key County projects and changes to state laws and policies to improve County operations and increase revenue.


Before Petrea joined Yolo County, she worked on land use, agriculture, and environmental issues in the state Legislature, a think tank, and President Clinton’s Office of Management and Budget. She also worked for an economic consulting firm on issues related to the agricultural and telecommunications industries and for a non-profit environmental law firm.


Marchand has a master's degree in Public Policy and a master's degree in Environmental Management from Duke University, as well as a bachelor's degree from Pomona College. Her training is in resource economics and water resources management, as well as government administration. She is a graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Program.

As Chief of Staff, Tara manages office efficiency and provides assistance with client relations. Her work includes management of HR processes; execution and maintenance of all client contracts; correspondence with clients, such as elected officials, to coordinate meetings and events; preparation of materials for meetings and presentations. Furthermore, Tara assists with financial management of over $1 million in grant reimbursements and organizational budgets on behalf of clients. 


Passionate about the environment, Tara is certified in Wetland Delineation and holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Management with an emphasis on water quality and ecology from the University of San Francisco. Tara also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Holy Cross College in Indiana. In her work with Consero, Tara strives to utilize her education and experience to foster strong relationships between local businesses and environmental advocates. 

Marissa Eng

Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant, Marissa provides support with project management and grant applications, researches funding opportunities and policy changes, and synthesizes information into briefing documents. She also helps to ensure client project tasks are completed in an efficient, timely manner.

A native of Northern California, Marissa has worked in arts education at Broadway Sacramento and Pasadena Playhouse, coordinating theatre education classes and workshops. Most recently she worked as Assistant Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations at Scripps College, a position that equipped her with skills in grant writing and development and afforded her the opportunity to work with both private and government funding agencies such as The Mellon Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Marissa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Scripps College and a Master of Arts in Arts Management from Claremont Graduate University. She is passionate about the arts, education, and how non-profits and local governments can partner to achieve more than they can independently.


Gabrielle Fuerst
Research Associate

As a Research Associate with Consero Solutions, Gabrielle worked with clients to develop sustainable project plans, identify and evaluate funding opportunities, and apply for funding from governmental and private entities. She also helped manage organization budgets and works to ensure client project tasks are completed in an efficient, timely manner.


Gabrielle holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology from the University of California, Davis. She is passionate about reducing the effects of climate change through small changes in urban settings, and is dedicated to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Gabrielle is currently in Senegal for a two-year Peace Corps commitment. 

Amy Gabriel

Senior Associate

As a Senior Associate with Consero Solutions, Amy worked with clients to determine public policy, funding, and project priorities and helped put these priorities into action. She conducted extensive research on potential funding sources, compiled findings into strategic planning documents, and helped clients prepare proposals for submission to administering agencies. Amy also assisted with project management, which included contract execution, budget revision, and correspondence with administering agencies.


Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis. Passionate about the close connection between local organizations and the individuals they serve, Amy is committed to helping communities achieve their full potential. Amy began a master’s degree in Public Administration in Fall 2017.

Amy is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Administration through the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Julian Ruzzier-Gaul

Research Associate

As a Research Associate with Consero Solutions, Julian assisted with client project development, researches and compiles client funding opportunities, and worked with clients to develop funding opportunity proposals. He also helped manage organization budgets and collaborated with Amy and Petrea on how to best aid clients in their pursuit and achievement of public policy goals.


Julian holds a Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis and plans to pursue a master’s degree in Environmental Management. Julian is passionate about his work with Consero Solutions because he believes in the tangible and positive impact local agencies can have on the environment and our surrounding communities.

Julian recently completed a Civic Spark fellowship, administered by the Local Government Commission and the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, and is currently pursuing a Master's of Public Administration at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. 

Jen Metes

Senior Associate Consultant

As a Senior Associate Consultant, Jen advises clients on project development, researches new funding opportunities, and works with clients to prepare and submit funding proposals. Jen also assists with project management tasks and collaborates with the rest of the Consero Solutions team on how to best help clients achieve their public policy goals.

Jen holds a Master of Science in Community Development from the University of California, Davis where she focused on natural resource management and studied the roles community & citizen science play in conservation. Jen also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and spent several years teaching environmental education in multiple National Parks. Jen believes that local agencies and communities play an integral role in solution-based science and policy. She enjoys building dynamic partnerships among diverse stakeholder groups to advance equitable and sustainable change, benefiting people and the environment.