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Staffing Support
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Program & Project Development
project mangement

Program Administration & Project  Management

Project management services focus on providing assistance with the planning and coordination of an organization's resources to move projects toward completion, including team coordination, timeline and milestone development, community engagement, issue resolution, and budget, contract, and other financial management.

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Example: Yolo County Office of Education

​Consero Solutions was contracted by the Yolo County Office of Education to provide project management services for their Roadmap to the Future project. The Project involves asset and service mapping, a robust community engagement process, and a needs assessment, all of which will lead Yolo County Office of Education to better understand and allocate resources needed to enhance youth development throughout Yolo County. As the project manager, Consero Solutions is responsible for maintaining the overall project timeline, coordinating internal and external meetings , following up on action items, managing multiple consultants responsible for various components of the project, and identifying and addressing roadblocks to completion of the project.

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Organization Evaluation & Improvement

Org eval

Consero Solutions helps local agencies and non-profit organizations evaluate operations and identify opportunities to improve governance and management, including review of bylaws and policies, strategic plans, internal controls, budget processes, and other important elements of day-to-day operations. Consero uses a team of experts, including attorneys and human resource consultants, to help districts and nonprofit organizations develop and implement solutions.

Example: Visit Yolo Organizational Evaluation

Consero Solutions helped Visit Yolo evaluate existing operations and identify opportunities to improve governance and management as part of its transition to a Tourism Business Improvement District. In addition to completing a memo outlining opportunities to improve operations, Consero assisted an attorney with the development of new bylaws, worked with staff to complete a new financial policies and procedures manual, helped implement internal controls, and developed a new governance structure for the Board of Directors. Consero also provided Executive Director support services, assisted with the development of annual budgets and financial reports, and drafted Board meeting materials as needed. 

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grant writing

Grant Writing & Management 

Consero Solutions helps organizations write grants to implement or further public policy priorities, as well as manage the implementation of grants. This assistance includes development of project details, identification of partners, and grant writing.

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Example: Knights Landing Boat Ramp Project 

Consero Solutions assisted Yolo County Parks with the management of a $1.4 million Wildlife Conservation Board grant to improve the Knights Landing Boat Launch, resulting in the 2020 construction of a new, expanded boat ramp, a bathroom, interpretative signage, and drought-tolerant landscaping. Consero helped Yolo County Parks secure the initial grant and provided assistance with permitting, project management, and public outreach. Located on the Sacramento River in Yolo County, the site is a launch-point for the Delta, attracting as many as 28,000 visitors annually from Yolo County as well as Solano, Napa, and Sacramento Counties.

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Policy Analysis

Consero Solutions helps develop policy options for consideration by decisionmakers, including conducting supporting research, drafting policy memos and comment letters, and assisting with advocacy as needed to further an organization’s mission and goals. Consero works closely with clients to develop a detailed research plan for development of policy options to address the issue, including consulting with key stakeholders and policy experts. 


Example: Solano County Affordable Housing

Consero Solutions assisted Solano County with identifying options to further the County's  efforts to construct affordable housing for at-risk populations, including veterans, aging out foster youth, low-income working families, and people who are unhoused and suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, or physical disabilities. As part of this effort, Consero identified and evaluated funding opportunities, analyzed the 2019-20 state budget and housing trailer bills, interviewed County staff to assess the current status of affordable housing efforts, researched best practices and consulted experts, and interviewed other counties. Consero shared the findings and options in a series of policy memorandums and a presentation to the Solano County Board of Supervisors.

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public outreach

Communications & Stakeholder Outreach

Consero Solutions develops and implements public outreach strategies to help raise awareness of and increase stakeholder involvement in your project or program. This work is tailored to your organization's needs and may include assistance with branding, public meeting facilitation, online content development, website design, networking strategies, and social media marketing.

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Example: Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Habitat and Drainage Improvement Project

In addition to helping to secure $3.7 million in grant funding, Consero Solutions created and implemented a stakeholder outreach strategy to promote the multi-agency partnership that resulted in the construction of the Yolo Wildlife Area Habitat and Drainage Improvement Project in 2020. Consero developed the communications plan and public outreach materials, including a social media campaign.

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State and Federal Advocacy

Consero Solutions advises your organization on strategies to secure outside funding or achieve changes in state or federal laws, policies, regulations, or program guidelines. These strategies could include legislative proposals, funding research, public outreach, or advocacy at the state, regional, or federal level. We believe local communities and organizations are their own best advocates and strive to provide support for existing efforts.

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Example: City of Davis Legislative Platform

Consero Solutions assisted the City of Davis with developing and implementing a state legislative platform and advocacy policy in 2019 and 2020. Over the course of eight months, Consero worked closely with City staff and the Legislative Subcommittee to solicit and review draft legislative proposals from department heads, prioritize the proposals, develop them into a legislative platform, and help the City implement its platform by preparing fact sheets, convening meetings with legislators and legislative staffers to discuss proposals and pending legislation, and engaging in community outreach to enlist supporters. The platform resulted in the ability to increase fees for a downtown parking structure, changes to grant guidelines to improve eligibility, and an increase in the cap on regional planning grants.

Read more about Consero's Advocacy work here.


Funding Research

Consero Solutions will identify state, federal, and foundation funding opportunities to leverage existing resources and assist with planning for these opportunities well in advance of notices of availability. This work includes development of multi-year funding plans to match projects with grant and loan opportunities and provide a clear process for application completion.

Example: Yolo County 2022-2025 Climate Early Action Grant Strategy

In July 2022, Consero completed the Yolo County 2022–2025 Climate Early Action Grant Strategy, which identified grant opportunities for five early action projects focused on sequestering carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in unincorporated Yolo County to help Yolo County achieve a just economic recovery and transition to a countywide carbon negative footprint by 2030. Consero worked with the Yolo County Climate Action Commission to solicit climate-focused projects from the public, develop the projects, and match projects to grant opportunities. After the Board of Supervisors approved the strategy, Consero began assisting Yolo County staff with grant applications for projects included as early actions in the grant strategy.

Read more about Consero's Funding Research work here.

Staffing Support 

Consero Solutions recognizes the key role staff play in an organization’s ability to achieve goals and implement projects, and the impact staff absence can have on this success. Staff support services focus on providing assistance with any variety of tasks necessary as a result of staff absence. Such assistance can include research, project management, policy analysis, administrative support, grant management, budget development, and program administration, among other activities. Consero Solutions will provide this support in the event of extensive staff leave, unfilled positions, or other circumstances in which a client is in need of an extra hand.


Example: Paradise Cut

As a result of a staff shortage, Consero Solutions worked with the San Joaquin County Resource Conservation District to manage over $2 million for the initial phase of a multi-benefit floodplain restoration project adjacent to the San Joaquin River. In partnership with American Rivers, the Resource Conservation District secured state funding for the Paradise Cut Conservation and Flood Management Plan and the Paradise Cut Flood and Easement Acquisition project. Staff support included assisting with contracts and budget, maintaining task completion timelines, and coordinating with subcontractors and project stakeholders.

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program development

Program & Project Development 

Consero Solutions helps organizations develop programs and projects based on input from all levels of your agency or organization, as well as outside interests if desired. Such assistance includes development of concepts into projects for consideration by your organizations governing entity, or development of the specific elements of projects or programs.

YCF Facebook Post Launch 3.png

Example: Yolo COVID-19 Nonprofit Relief Initiative

In coordination with the Yolo Community Foundation, Consero Solutions developed a new emergency grant program on an expedited four-week schedule. The program resulted in the distribution of over $400,000 in funds to local nonprofits affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Program development entailed development of a detailed Action Plan approved by local agency staff and elected officials, the design of new website pages, and development of a Social Media Outreach Toolkit, a governance structure, and a fundraising strategy.

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