Project Development & Management

Consero Solutions provides project development and management services to help develop and complete projects efficiently, including team coordination, timeline and milestone development, issue resolution, and budget, contract, and other financial management. Consero will ensure the team meets key deadlines and help resolve issues that may slow progress. 

Example: Yolo Bypass Westside Tributaries Flow Monitoring Project

Consero Solutions assists Yolo County with management of the Yolo Bypass Westside Tributaries Flow Monitoring project, funded by a $331,148 California Department of Fish and Wildlife grant. The three-year project will result in the collection and analysis of flow data on four westside tributaries to the Yolo Bypass: Putah Creek, Cache Creek, Knights Landing Ridge Cut Canal, and Willow Slough Bypass. This data and the modeling it supports will be used to inform management decisions in the Yolo Bypass.  Consero is responsible for ensuring contractors complete monitoring, drafting grant reimbursements, tracking expenditures, and submitting grant reports.

Organization Evaluation & Improvement


Consero Solutions helps local agencies and non-profit organizations evaluate operations and identify opportunities to improve governance and management, including review of bylaws, internal controls, budget processes, and other important elements of day-to-day operations. Consero uses a team of experts, including attorneys and human resource consultants, to help districts and non-profit organizations develop and implement solutions.

Example: Visit Yolo Organizational Evaluation


Consero Solutions helped Visit Yolo evaluate existing operations and identify opportunities to improve governance and management as part of its transition to a Tourism Business Improvement District. In addition to completing a memo outlining opportunities to improve operations, Consero assisted an attorney with the development of new bylaws, worked with staff to complete a new financial policies and procedures manual, helped implement internal controls, and developed a new governance structure for the Board of Directors. Consero also provided Executive Director support services, assisted with the development of annual budgets and financial reports, and drafted Board meeting materials as needed. 


Funding Research & Grant Writing

Consero Solutions provides funding research and grant writing services focused on helping local agencies and non-profit organizations match projects with available state, federal, and foundation funding opportunities. Consero develops multi-year funding plans to allow clients to prepare early for opportunities,  as well. This work includes development of two-year funding plans that match projects with grant, loan, or rebate opportunities and provide a clear schedule for application completion. This advance preparation allows your organization to plan ahead, including the appropriation of matching funds through the annual budget process or the allocation of resources to develop successful partnerships and projects prior to application deadlines. Consero can also help your organization write grants to implement or further public policy priorities, as well as manage the implementation of grants once received by your organization.

Example: City of Davis Comprehensive Funding Plan


Consero Solutions completed two Comprehensive Funding Plans for the City of Davis, first in January 2016, then in 2018, which have resulted in the City receiving total grants of approximately $16 million between 2016-2018, including approximately $923,982 in completed grant-funded projects. The Plan includes identification of opportunities for projects proposed by the Community Development & Sustainability, Open Space, Parks & Community Services, Public Works, City Manager, and Fire departments. The 2018-2020 Plan identifies over 30 funding opportunities. Consero is now in the process of working with City staff to update the Plan to reflect new City priority projects and new funding opportunities.


Policy Analysis

Consero Solutions will help develop policy options for consideration by decisionmakers, including conducting supporting research, drafting policy memos and comment letters, and assisting with advocacy as needed to further an organization’s mission and goals. Consero works closely with clients to develop a detailed research plan for development of policy options to address the issue, including consulting with key stakeholders and policy experts. 

Example: Solano County Affordable Housing

Consero Solutions assisted Solano County with identifying options to further the County's  efforts to construct affordable housing for at-risk populations, including veterans, aging out foster youth, low-income working families, and people who are unhoused and suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, or physical disabilities. As part of this effort, Consero identified and evaluated funding opportunities, analyzed the 2019-20 state budget and housing trailer bills, interviewed County staff to assess the current status of affordable housing efforts, researched best practices and consulted experts, and interviewed other counties. Consero shared the findings and options in a series of policy memorandums and a presentation to the Solano County Board of Supervisors.


Staffing Support

Consero Solutions recognizes the key role staff play in an organization’s ability to achieve goals and implement projects, and the impact staff absence can have on this success. Staff support services focus on providing assistance with any variety of tasks necessary as a result of staff absence. Such assistance can include research, project management, policy analysis, administrative support, grant management, budget development, and program administration, among other activities. Consero Solutions will provide this support in the event of extensive staff leave, unfilled positions, or other circumstances in which a client is in need of an extra hand.

Example: Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan


The Yolo Habitat Conservancy hired Consero Solutions in 2012 to improve financial management and complete the Yolo Habitat Conservation Plan and Natural Community Conservation Plan (Yolo HCP/NCCP). Consero Solutions helped secure $4 million in state and federal planning grants between 2012 and 2017 and led the Conservancy’s efforts to release drafts of the HCP/NCCP in 2013, 2015, and 2017. The Conservancy completed the HCP/NCCP and receive permits under the state and federal Endangered Species Acts in 2018. The final permits will result in a new program in Yolo County that streamlines permitting under the state and federal Endangered Species Acts for all four cities and the County, as well as permanently protects 32,000 acres of habitat for 12 endangered or threatened species. 


State and Federal Advocacy

Consero Solutions will advise your organization on strategies to secure outside funding or achieve changes in state or federal laws, policies, regulations, or program guidelines. These strategies could include legislative proposals, funding research, public outreach, or advocacy at the state, regional, or federal level. We believe local communities and organizations are their own best advocates and strive to provide support for existing efforts.

Example:  City of Davis Legislative Platform

Consero Solutions assisted the City of Davis with developing and implementing both a 2019 state legislative platform and advocacy policy. Over the course of eight months, Consero worked closely with City staff and the Legislative Subcommittee to solicit and review draft legislative proposals from department heads, prioritize the proposals, develop them into either a legislative platform or an advocacy policy, and help the City implement its platform by preparing fact sheets, convening meetings with legislators and legislative staffers to discuss proposals and pending legislation, and engaging in community outreach to enlist supporters.

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